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About Me. 

I am a native of Maine, from the northern most county in the state called Aroostook, fondly known to its residents simply as 'the County'.  Northern Maine is far removed from Maine's famous rocky coast and lobster boats, but our autumn foliage, potatoes and maple syrup are second to none. 


I completed my Master of Arts with Honours in History (undergraduate) in 2015, my MSc in American History with distinction in 2016,  and was awarded my PhD in 2023 all from the University of Edinburgh. My PhD research examined the morale of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.  My research utilised soldiers narratives of the war, and was primarily concerned with enlisted soldiers and their understanding and experience of the conflict. 

In September 2022, I began a full time position at the University of Salford as a Lecturer in International and Military History. 

 I joined the Pubs and Publications committee during the first year of my PhD.  In 2021 I joined the editorial team of the Journal of American Studies in the book reviews section. Since 2018 I have served on the Scottish Association for the Study of America committee as the organisation's Social Media Secretary (2018-2022) and the Public Engagement Coordinator (2022).  Beyond my direct role, I am particularly proud of my efforts in the creation, and now administration, of the Ellen Craft, Sophia Jex-Blake and Marcella LeBeau Essay Prizes for the best essay son any subject relating to woman, gender or minority studies within the Americas.

I am an avid coffee drinker, dedicated procrastibaker, murder mystery fan, and frequent traveller. When I am not working, or in the kitchen, you will either find me surrounded by friends and craft beer, or entirely alone at the top of one of Scotland's many hills.



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