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I am an expert in Early American History, specifically the experience of soldiers during the Revolutionary War. I am an experienced and enthusiastic speaker and have been commended for my engaging style.


Please contact me if you wish to discuss the possibility of me speaking at or working with your school, or for your association. 


Media and Speaking. 


Exploring New Frontiers in Early American History

Podcast Appearances

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Frank and David are joined by doctoral student Krysten Blackstone. They discuss her research on morale in the Continental Army.

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On today’s show, we’re going to introduce you to just a few among a rising generation of historians who are doing cutting edge work in early American history.

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Some advice on starting the academic year right.

  • How to keep organized

  • How to get started as a tutor

  • How to balance teaching and research

  • How to manage life as an international student

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Access Services Librarian Samantha Snyder sits down with Ph.D. candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Washington Library research fellow Krysten Blackstone to discuss her fellowship experience

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