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I am a passionate teacher, and have experience teaching  a diverse student base.  I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and have been nominated by my students' for multiple teaching awards through Edinburgh University Students Association.  


  • The Age of Revolutions: International History 1789-1914

  • Introduction to Contemporary Military History I 

  • Introduction to Contemporary Military History II

  • Researching in History  

  • American Conflict in History and Memory 

  • Introduction to British Politics 

  • Modern United States History 

  • Global Connections Since 1450                     

  • Making of the United States 

  • The Rise and Fall of American Slavery 

  • Making History: Writing a Revolution into Existence 

  • Soldiers, Sailors and Ships: War and Society in the Long 19th Century 

  • Introduction to History 

  • Creative Destruction: The Atlantic World in the 17th and 18th Centuries                             


I have experience presenting to students of all age groups and abilities.  I have made concerted efforts to build connections with schools and teachers across Scotland to support secondary education attainment and to encourage widening participation.  I have trained and worked closely with educators at all levels in Scotland and the United States, on everything from pedagogy, curriculum development, resource accessibility and essay prize formation. 

I have created content for secondary schools  teachers across Scotland who teach U.S. History at the Higher and Advanced Higher levels.  I have also provided dissertation subject advice and one-off lectures on a variety of subjects in these classrooms. 

Facilitating Learning in Schools

Secondary Schools

Wallace High School - Guest Lecturer on Military History 

Eyemouth High School - Advanced Higher Subject Advisor, U.S. Civil War 

St. Davids RC High School - Guest Lecturer on Military History 

Tynecastle High School - Higher Writing Advisor

Earlston High School - Advanced Higher Subject Advisor, U.S. Civil War


Teacher Workshops

Gilder Lehrman American History Teacher Seminar in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh

  • ‘Thomas Jefferson and the World of Enlightenment’


George Washington Teacher Institute                                                      

  •  ‘Leadership and Legacy: Lessons from George Washington’

  •  ‘Washington at War: From Soldier to Commander in Chief’


Student Testimonials

Krysten is great at focussing discussions  and teaching, whilst also allowing students plenty of time to think and speak. She does not dominate discussions, but  lets students share their ideas.  She leads tutorials well and answers questions thoughtfully.

Teaching Award Nomination: 

Krysten really makes time for her students: from planning engaging and innovative tutorial activities, to giving up her time for one-to-one sessions both before and after assessments.  She is enthused about the subject matter and committed to each of her tutees' educational experience. She goes above and beyond the requirements of a pre-honours tutor . 

Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 13.37.52.png

My tutor was excellent. She was always ready to make time for her students, she was very organised, and she was always very familiar with the material for the course.  Her office hours and feedback sessions were more than helpful. 

Krysten prepared us very well for the essay and helped with structuring advice. We went through my plan and she provided really helpful tips on how to organise my thoughts and writing.   She made classroom discussions engaging. Overall she is a really great tutor - my favourite tutorial group thus far at Edinburgh. 

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